Winston & Porter ® grew organically from a desire to create a high quality range of supplements to improve the life of dogs and horses. Having grown up with horses and having spent 20 years working in the equine nutraceutical and the pharmaceutical industries, we knew the benefits that supplements could bring to the quality of life of our equine partners. We wanted to give this to our dogs too; in particular our faithful, loyal and ageing border collie, Charlie.


The first step was to look at the existing market place to analyse the products, just as had been done with the equine market, years before and qualify in canine nutrition. It is very different for horses! Analysis showed a clear need for a range of affordable, high quality supplements. Products which including ALL of the necessary ingredients for overall and joint health, that would actually make a difference to dogs'and horses' well-being. Differences that could be seen rather than hoped for. On a personal level, we had the desire for something better - we wanted to make Charlie's latter years as comfortable as possible, but we also felt that  it was imperative that other dog owners had the benefits of a well-researched product born of science and love for our beautiful boy.

Charlie was a typical collie, in his early years. He was exuberant, exasperating and delightful! His zest for life was infectious, his eyes and coat shining as brightly as his personality. It was heartbreaking to see him physically diminish with age, when it was obvious that he still longed to play and run for the ball. His hips and hocks were stiff, making life difficult at the age of ten. Charlie wasn't prepared to give up, and neither were we!

We developed the Nourish + C range and Charlie was given the Max Strength version. We very quickly saw a huge difference in him and he was able to play with our other dogs again, still able to outrun them for the ball. It was a delight to watch. His coat regained its shine, his breath improved and he was full of his 'trademark' vitality. We knew we had something that really worked, so began the testing phase. Our range has been tried and tested by many different breeds, types, shapes and sizes of dogs, all with different needs and activity levels, across the board. There is no magic formula- just high levels of all of the necessary high quality ingredients.......but when you see your dog run for a ball again.....it can feel a little magical!


In February 2017 we lost Charlie. He was almost 16. He was a huge part of our lives, a much loved part of our family. In his last few years we moved him to the Max Strength Plus. He is desperately missed by all of us but we seek solace in the fact that his latter years were made more comfortable. We also feel sure that this bought us more time with our faithful friend. His legacy lives on through every success story that we read (there are now so many) and some amazing endorsements from canine professionals.

​​We have many beliefs about our animals, gained from a lifetime of professional and personal experience. Some dogs and horses work hard, some are missing the nutrients that modern life depletes or the pet food processing denies, some breeds are large and may need a joint supplement.....and some, like Charlie, are simply getting older... Our dogs and horses are our lives and they are not here long enough!


In the autumn of their life, a dog and a horse deserves an Indian summer, rather than a winter of discontent!